When I’m in the mood I like to write about stuff but I’m afraid to show my writing/s to anyone for fear that they will think it ridiculous. And the same goes for my sketching and indeed my painting.

When I finish a watercolour I think that the figure is wonky, or that the shadow looks weird, or that the building is out of proportion. Then, I show Babs (wife) and she says something like “what is it supposed to be?” which really just throws me completely.

Then I read blogs on the internet and there are all sorts of people out there in “www.land” who are just as good/bad as me so I don’t feel so terrible after all. In fact I read one blog (actually quite a few) that pointed to practice, practice, practice.

So this blog is going to be my way of practicing my sketching, watercolours and indeed, my writing. Thanks for stopping by.


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